Avalanche bulletin for the Chic-Chocs

Area concerned:Mont Albert, mont Hog’s Back, Champs-de-Mars, mont Lyall, mont Vallières-de-Saint-Réal, mont Blanche-Lamontagne and Mines-Madeleine.

Issued on : Friday March 24th 2017 at 7:30
Valid until : Friday March 24th 2017 at 7:30

Danger ratings Friday Saturday Outlook Sunday
Alpine LowModerateModerate
Treeline LowLowLow
Below treeline LowLowLow

Avalanche problem #1 : Wind slab

Note that traveling on the slopes of the alpine and at treeline can be very perilous because of the icy or crusted surface. In addition, with forecasted snow (5 cm) and strong NW wind, small avalanches may be accidentally triggered in some isolated areas of the alpine, mainly on E-SE-S slopes where snow could be deposited. These hard surfaces provide an ideal gliding plan for avalanches that can make you slide into obstacles such as rocks, trees or rock bars.

Avalanche activity

No new avalanche has been observed or reported in the last 48 hours.  Please share your observations at info@avalanchequebec.ca, on the Mountain Information Network of Avalanche Canada or with the online form.

Snowpack :

Last weekend's sunny days and mild temperatures created a surface melt-freeze crust on all slopes and all elevation bands, except on the NW-N-NE slopes where the snow is still dry. However, in the Alpine, the wind has driven snow from all slopes, all of which are frozen, making travel difficult and perilous.

Weather forecast:

The sky should be covering this afternoon with a maximum of -4 ° c and moderate wind from the SW at mid-mountain. A depression over northern Quebec will bring about 5cm of snow from tonight with strong winds from the O area, all ending Saturday morning. Partial clearance is possible in the afternoon and temperatures will be around -13 ° C while the wind will continue to blow strong NO. For more details, check the Chic-Chocs weather outlook (French) that will be updated on Saturday morning.


Do you know that you can now see in real time the weather in the valley? In addition to the webcam installed at the park's Discovery and Services Center, we have just installed a new weather station.

Snow report

Centre de découverte et services (CDS) - Updated on 24 March 2017 - 5:23

24 h 48 h 7 days Saison Snow depth
0 cm 1 cm 6 cm 434 cm 96 cm

Disclaimer : This avalanche bulletin is prepared with the most recent weather, snowpack and avalanche activity data available for the Chic-Chocs. It is strictly information that can be used as a part of a decision making process and is not intended to be a replacement for knowledge about avalanche safety including and not limited to safe travel practices and the use of backcountry rescue equipment such as beacon, shovel and probe.

Prepared by:JP Gagnon