Avalanche bulletin for the Chic-Chocs

Area concerned:Mont Albert, mont Hog’s Back, Champs-de-Mars, mont Lyall, mont Vallières-de-Saint-Réal, mont Blanche-Lamontagne and Mines-Madeleine.

Issued on : Tuesday January 17th 2017 at 7:30
Valid until : Tuesday January 17th 2017 at 7:30

Danger ratings Tuesday Wednesday Outlook Thursday
Alpine ModerateModerateModerate
Treeline ModerateModerateModerate
Below treeline LowLowLow

Avalanche problem #1 : Wind Slabs

Lake effects left us trough the night around 10 to 15 cm of light density snow. This snow has been moved by the North-Westerly winds forming soft slab in the alpine on East to South aspect and in wind-sheltered area at treeline. Those slabs have proved to be reactive to loads. Vigilance will be needed while travelling in avalanche terrain. Be aware of signs of instability like shooting cracks, hollow sounds and woumph.

Avalanche problem #2 Loose dry avalanches

We can find 15 to 30 cm of low-density snow on the January 12th. This snow was preserved in wind sheltered area and could produce some loose snow avalanches.  Those avalanches represent a low-risk chance to bury a person but could make you loose the control of your descent. A good planning of your route will allow you to address this issue by avoiding being above terrain traps like cliffs, ice falls, forest and unsupported slopes.

Avalanche activity

We witnessed a small slab avalanche size 1. This avalanche was triggered by control on skis on top of the East field of Hog’s Back. Please share your observations at info@avalanchequebec.ca, on the Mountain Information Network of Avalanche Canada or with this online form.

Snowpack :

In the alpine, winds have greatly affected the snowpack exposing rocks in wind exposed area. In accumulation area, you can find from 80 to 120 cm of snow. At treeline, 15 to 30 cm of low density snow cover the January 12th crust. The crust can be found up to 800 m and can support a skier. Bellow treeline, where the snow have been preserved from winds, we can find 10 to 25 cm of powder on the crust wich can break under your weight.

Weather forecast:

For Tuesday, the temperature will stay cold throughout the day (-14) and winds will blow from West. In the morning, we could have some snowfall from lake effects. In the afternoon, the sky will clear and winds will taper off. Wednesday will be a beautiful sunny day with calm winds and warmer weather (-7). With these awesome conditions, you’ll have to stay focus on what's underneath your feets! For more details check out the latest Chic-Chocs weather outlook (in French)


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Snow report

Centre de découverte et services (CDS) - Updated on 17 January 2017 - 13:53

24 h 48 h 7 days Saison Snow depth
10 cm 12 cm 23 cm 209 cm 65 cm

Disclaimer : This avalanche bulletin is prepared with the most recent weather, snowpack and avalanche activity data available for the Chic-Chocs. It is strictly information that can be used as a part of a decision making process and is not intended to be a replacement for knowledge about avalanche safety including and not limited to safe travel practices and the use of backcountry rescue equipment such as beacon, shovel and probe.

Prepared by:Alexandre Robert